Internalities: political action and conflict within state boundaries

This event will be in Zoom

The third panel of our 2021 Conference Series will examine the internal politics of states, whether this be in the context of political movements or peacebuilding within a state’s formally-recognised territory. Through this we see international themes in a ‘domestic’ context, all with an extensive empirical focus.


  • Giulia Grillo (University of Kent) - Italian Radical-Left Political Violence
  • Simone Papale (University of Nottingham) - Fuelling the Fire: Al-Shabaab, Counter-Terrorism and Radicalisation in Kenya
  • Nicholas Idris Erameh (Chrisland University, Nigeria) and Victor Ojakorotu (North West University, South Africa) - The Uighurs, China and the Emptiness of “Never Again” as a Basis of the Responsibility to Protect
  • Natalia Nahas Calfat (University of São Paolo, Brazil) - When the Shi’as come in: securing communal interests in the Levant
  • Syed Waqar  (Cardiff University) - Approaches to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding in Kashmir.

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