African International Relations in the new time of global crises

This event will be in Zoom

This event is part of a series of free events open to global scholars and interested parties from the global south made possible through sponsorship.

The advent of Covid-19 comes with a new understanding of the threat and the threatened, while the ever-evolving global change has brought about progress and accompanied challenges that do not only constitute threats to the African states and the people. Challenges such as cyber criminality, transnational organised crime, human and drugs trafficking, modern slavery, fake news and continued activities of terrorism – tend to highlight the need to rethink international security and challenges confronting Africa. With a myriad of issues spanning from Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria and its affiliates in the Sahel, civil unrest in Somalia, and the economic situation alongside humanitarian disaster this evokes. This conference panel aims to address challenges affecting Africa's stability and political economy, the limitations associated with Africa’s response to insecurity and possible ways to improve the African condition. It also provides a platform that offers critical and constructive engagement of African broader themes in global affairs. While aware of seismic challenges that confront the continent, its states, regions and people, the panel also engages in seen, the unseen or hidden agency of Africa in the time of global crises.

Organisers – Tarela Juliet Ike (Post Graduate President for African and International Studies Working Group, Dele Kogbe, and Peter Brett – President African and International Studies Working Group  

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