Postgraduate work-in-progress workshop

This event will be in Zoom

Please join us for a work-in-progress session designed to help our postgraduate researchers (PGRs). This is an event that proved popular during the Covid pandemic, and which we now hope to run again more regularly. Our PGRs will begin by providing a five-minute overview of their aims for their paper. This will be followed by 10-15 minutes of discussion from an experienced member of the working group who has been provided with a text in advance. There will be then be a further 10-15 minutes for comments and discussion from anyone else in attendance.

Our PGRs have now submitted their topics, and will submit their drafts (of between 5 and 12,000 words) by 15 January. The session itself scheduled for 2-4pm January 22 (UK time). Any experienced working group members who would be available to review a manuscript in that period, and who would be free on 22 January, are warmly encouraged to get in touch with the working group team using the emails below. We look forward to seeing many of you then.

Peter Brett – p.brett@qmul.ac.uk

‘Dele Kogbe - bamidelekogbe@gmail.com

Tarela Ike - tarela.j_ike@yahoo.co.uk

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