Book proposals and publishing

This event will be in Zoom

Are you thinking about publishing a book but not sure how to go about it? Are you already working on a book proposal? Want to know the pitfalls to avoid in academic publishing? Then this meeting is for you!

Come along learn about how to put together a book proposal, what to look out for in the academic publishing landscape, and what details to be certain of in a publishing contract before you sign.

The briefing will be delivered by Dr Bleddyn Bowen, University of Leicester, and Co-Convener of the Astropolitics Working Group. He is the author of two monographs, War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics (Edinburgh University Press, 2020) and Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space (Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2022/23). His experience and insights are drawn from years of engaging with publishers and editors in the international relations and international security subfields.

The presentation will cover:

  • The pros and cons of monographs
  • What goes in a book proposal and when to pitch it
  • Academic vs trade publishers
  • Key conditions in publishing contracts
  • Pitfalls to avoid with publishing books

There will be time for a Q&A after the presentation.

Whilst the session is primarily geared for early-career researchers, academics of all levels are welcome if you are considering working on a book proposal and could do with more information on the practicalities of getting a book published in our fields.

Registration will close two hours before the event begins.

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