Abolitionist thinking as an unanswered question: CPD mentorship workshop - invitation only

This event will be in Zoom

This event is by invitation only - please do not register unless you are the recipient of an invite.

This event will consist of two workshops on the following dates:

  • 23 September 4-7pm
  • 24 September 4-7pm

The Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group (CPD) is delighted to present the following mentoring workshop. The workshop is part of a year of activities through which we, as a community of colonial, postcolonial and decolonial scholars, carve out space for collective responses to anti-racist praxis in academic spaces and scholarship across the globe. It is an invitation in particular to early career colleagues to submit and present work that speaks to a range of colonial, postcolonial, and settler colonial contexts, past and present.

As part of this work we are seeking to further the intellectual project of conceptualising abolition as fundamental to scholarly inquiry within international politics and international studies. We also wish to foster greater interdisciplinary work on the question of abolition that challenges existing silos in academic and political praxis on these themes.

The workshop has several more specific aims and potential outcomes, with the express purpose of supporting early career colleagues and building a supportive space for anti-racist intellectual and political work:

  • It will be an opportunity for collective engagement with abolitionist thinking, as fundamental to our work on colonial entanglements, racial capitalism and decolonial futures. In addition to presenting individual papers, sessions will be devoted to finding the connective threads among the different pieces of work and generating new thinking on abolition, as part of a larger intellectual project.
  • It will be a platform for early career scholars to present and share their work, in conversation with their peers as well as more experienced scholars, who will act as their mentors in the development of their scholarship and writing.
  • It will be the first in a series of activities CPD will organise for turning the individual submissions into a collective volume (including reading, editing and collaborative writing workshops or one-on-one meetings, throughout the year).

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