Black lives and the international - virtual roundtable

This event will be in Zoom

Chair: Lisa Tilley (Birkbeck)

Speakers: Dr Olivia Rutazibwa (Portsmouth) Dr Kojo Koram (Birkbeck) and Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper (Greenwich)

Since the brutal murder of George Floyd by police in the US, the Black Lives Matter movement has re-mobilised and further globalised, bringing new life to a range of political ideas from social justice to prison abolition. This CPD-BISA event brings together Dr Olivia Umurerwa Rutazibwa, Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper and Dr Kojo Koram to reflect on the histories and futures of Black struggle and its implications for ‘the international’ and for humanity as a whole. From the Haitian Revolution, to marronage, to anti-colonialism, to the Black Radical Tradition, to demands for abolition and reparations, the conversation will cover some of the ways in which Black struggle and visions for social life have shaped ‘the international’ and expanded terrains and notions of justice. How does the present BLM moment fit into these histories? How does it resonate and chime with different global contexts? What new horizons does it open up for the organisation of collective life and for global solidarity?


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