Book launch: Encountering extremism. Theoretical issues and local challenges

This event will be in Zoom

Join us for the book launch of the edited volume Encountering extremism. Theoretical issues and local challenges on 3 December, 2-4pm (UK time).

The event will start with the editors presenting the idea behind the volume and then each author will briefly present her/his chapter. The presentations will then be followed by a Q&A moderated by The CTS convenors, Raquel da Silva and Tom Pettinger.

We hope you can join us!

Registration will close 2 hours before the event is due to begin. 

The book

Countering extremism is starting to receive more attention as a subject of research in academia and policy circles alike, demonstrating its growing popularity as a theoretical device and a tool of government. Nevertheless, the market currently lacks literature on the topic of 'extremism' - as distinct from terrorism - especially from critical approaches. This book draws together for the first time critical perspectives on the discursive and policy phenomenon of 'extremism', in particular looking at how the word is deployed to simplify complex social and political problems (and solutions to these problems), and the implementation of 'counter extremism' around the world. It brings together scholars from a diverse range of contexts and disciplines to present valuable multidisciplinary analysis of both theoretical and practical aspects related to countering extremism.


Introduction: Encountering extremism: a critical examination of theoretical issues and local challenges - Alice Martini, Kieran Ford and Richard Jackson

Part I: What's in a name? Theoretically deconstructing extremism

1. Interrogating the concept of (violent) extremism: a genealogical study of terrorism and counterterrorism discourses - Chin-Kuei Tsui

2. Conceptualising violent extremism: ontological, epistemological and normative issues - Sondre Lindahl

3. Knowledge, power, subject: constituting the extremist/moderate subject - Mariela Cuadro

4. The lone (white) wolf, 'terrorism' and the suspect community - Marie Breen-Smyth

5. The personal is political: feminist critiques of countering violent extremism - Jessica Auchter

6. A peace studies approach to countering extremism: do counter-extremism strategies produce peace? - Kieran Ford

7. What is an educational response to extreme and radical ideas and why does it matter? - Aislinn O'Donnell

Part II: Extremism, countering extremism and preventing extremism: from theory to international and local challenges

8. Legitimising countering extremism at an international level: the role of the United Nations Security Council - Alice Martini

9. International PVE and Tunisia: a local critique of international donors' discourses - Guendalina Simoncini

10. Communication as legitimation in Spanish CVE: bringing lessons from the past - Laura Fernández de Mosteyrín

11. Extremists or patriots? Racialisation of countering violent extremism programming in the United States - Priya Dixit

12. The CVE paradox: inapplicability and necessity in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Tanja Dramac Jiries

13. Drivers or decoys? Women and the narrative of extremist violence in Pakistan - Afiya Shehrbano Zia

14. The mayor of Abuja and the 'Pied Piper' of Maiduguri: extremism and the 'politics of mutual envy' in Nigeria? - Akinyemi Oyawale

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