Critical Studies on Terrorism annual conference

This event will be in University of Warwick

Registration for this event is now closed.

We are delighted to be joined for this years annual conference by BISA Chair Professor Ruth Blakeley, who will be presenting the keynote about her research into the impacts of state violence, and by Faisal Hussain, Birmingham-based artist who will be exhibiting his work into the racist implications of security.

As well as the numerous panels, there will also be discussion provided for PhDs/early-career researchers on publishing, jobs, and grants, as well as breakout-room style conversations about CTS and Activism, and a more hands-on CTS and Creative Methods session. Lunch will be provided both days, and dinner also kindly subsidised by BISA.


Tuesday 6 September

10.00 Welcome by CTSWG (BISA) Convenors

10.15 Panel 1 – Contestations and Counter-terrorism in Security Politics

Chair: Raquel da Silva

  • Ugo Gaudino – Political parties and the politicization of counterterrorism
  • Charlotte Heath-Kelly – Vulnerability: Governing the Social through Security Politics
  • Maximillian Guarini – Jeremy Corbyn and terrorism in the hybrid media: emotions, power and epistemic boundaries
  • Fabrizio Leonardo Cuccu – The ‘situatedness’ of security in postcolonial spaces: examining the historical and spatial trajectories of localised practices in Tunisia
  • Shaswati Das – Why Violence Prevails – Understanding Jihadist Recruitment in Kashmir through the Social Movement Framework

11.45 Tea break

12.00 PhD/ECR Café (with Q&A): Writing, publishing, & jobs

with Professor Charlotte Heath-Kelly

1.00 Lunch (first floor Faculty of Arts, next to lifts)

2.00 Panel 2 – Colonialism and Postcolonialism: Continuities, Performativity, and Violence

Chair: Tom Pettinger

  • Alice Finden and Sagnik Dutta – States of terror: Colonial legacies of counterterror laws in India and Egypt
  • Rabea Khan – The Razzia: Colonial origins and continuities in contemporary counterterrorism practices
  • Lujain Al-Meligy – Beyond a Western Narrative of Terrorism: The Case of Egypt (1970-present) from a Postcolonial Perspective
  • Ahmed Abozaid – Colonised Subjects and the performative nature of Colonial Violence: The case of Egypt (1882-1922)

3.30 Tea break

4.00 Book launch

Chair: Raquel da Silva

Ahmed Abozaid – Counterterrorism Strategies in Egypt: Permanent Exceptions in the War on Terror

4.30 Keynote presentation

Chair: Tom Pettinger

Professor Ruth Blakeley – Torture’s legacy for counter-terrorism and human rights

6.30 Dinner

Ginger Orange, 50 Kenpas Highway, Coventry, CV3 6BP

Wednesday 7 September

9.45 Panel 3 – Negotiating Counter-terrorism Policy and Practitioner Experience

Chair: Amna Kaleem

  • Sadi Shanaah – Explaining Variation and Contestation of Counter-Extremism Policies in the World: A Public Policy Approach
  • Nicola Pratt, Juanita Elias, & Jennifer Eggert – ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ and Development in the Middle East and North Africa: Examining Gender, Race, Faith and Coloniality
  • Sabrina Ahmed - Counterterrorism Policies in Global South: A Case Study of Rohingya Refugee camps in Bangladesh
  • Prakash Rote – Decolonizing counterterrorism: A vernacular security perspective from the global south counter-terrorism practitioners

11.15 Tea break

11.30 Panel 4 – Reimagining Otherness and Narratives of Danger in Counter-terrorism

Chair: Raquel da Silva

  • Samwel Oando – Reimaging the Subjugated Voice in Africa: The Battle for Hearts and Minds in Terrorism Studies
  • Tom Pettinger – Forgetting Disaster: Queer Unworlding and the UK's Emergency Planning Industry
  • Sarah Gharib Seif – Beyond the 'jihadi bride': Re-conceptualising our approaches to agency
  • Louis Newstead – Endemic Exclusions: A critique of Terrorism Studies research using a theoretical framework constructed around the scholarly literature on incels
  • Reem Ahmed & Isabelle Stephanblome – Personalised Threat Perception: The concept of the “dangerous person" in German counter-terrorism policy

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Artwork exhibition

Faisal Hussain, TrueFormProjects

2.45 Breakout rooms

Creative session (chair: Raquel da Silva)

CTS and activism (chair: Alice Finden)

3.30 Final remarks by CTSWG (BISA) Convenors

Registration to close on 11 August 11.59pm.

You may also want to read the original call for papers.

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