Critical Studies on Terrorism annual conference: The future of Critical Terrorism Studies

This event will be in Zoom

This year’s annual conference interrogates the future challenges to and opportunities for Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) scholarship. Drawing on some of the major debates surrounding the sub-discipline that have been made over the past few years including -  Eurocentricity, coloniality and the dearth of Global South voices and perspectives; the challenges of decolonisation beyond superficial engagements; restricted understandings of criticality and emancipation and avenues for broadening such concepts; and the ethical challenges of balancing theory with practice and how to have impact beyond academia -  this conference asks what the future of CTS holds. Through this year’s conference, we aim to extend the conversation started by our colleagues Sarah Gharib Seif (University of St. Andrews) and Rabea Khan (Liverpool John Moores University) and explore different ways of producing critical research. 


09:30-9:45 Welcome and announcement of the new working group convenor 


09:45-11:00 Session 1: Race, Religion and Postcolonialism

Chair: Alice Finden

  • Terrorism, asylum, and the generation of decentralized, discretionary border authority in the U.S. immigration regimeAnika Kabani, University of Oxford

  • The Definitional Problem of Terrorism: A TWAIL critiques of terrorismMuhammed Karayagli, Northumbria University 
  • Postcolonial Analysis of Counterterrorism Discourse: AKP’s Hegemonic Pursuits Amidst Political UnrestTuncer Beyribey 
  • Securitization of Islamism terrorism in PolandPrzemysław Mazur, Instytut Bezpieczeństwa I Informatyki


11:00-11:15: Break 


11:15-12:30: Session 2: CTS through different lenses 

Chair: Amna Kaleem

  • A digital zine on Critical Terrorism Studies, Critical Race Feminism & Prevent - creative engagementLilly Barker, Nottingham Trent University 
  • Three waves and a wobble? Critical Terrorism Studies Today, Lee Jarvis, University of East Anglia 

  • Affective Passages from Terror to Horror: 9/11, Abu Ghraib, and two films by Michael Haneke, Christopher McAteer, York University, Canada 


12:30-13:15: Lunch break 


13:15-14:30: Session 3: Q&A Session: Publishing and careers in CTS 

Chair: Tom Pettinger

An informal discussion with Professor Lee Jarvis and Dr Leonie Jackson, members of the editorial team of Critical Studies on Terrorism journal. 


14:30-14:45: Break 


14:45-16:00: Session 4: Architectures of Counter-Terrorism

Chair: Alice Finden

  • Securing the “Islam” in Islamic State – Analysing U.K. Parliamentarians’ Representations of the Islamic State (2014-2016), Jared Ahmed, University of Sheffield 
  • Extremism in an Age of Anxiety: Introducing an Existentialist Framework, Maja Touzari Greenwood, Danish Institute for International Studies 

  • Insecurity, counterterrorism and the use of private military companies: demystifying perspectives on the critical in critical terrorism studies and the Nigerian government response to terrorism, Tarela Juliet Ike, Teesside University, M.L. Ike, Southern New Hampshire University, USA, E. E. Ayobi, National Open University, Delta State, Nigeria 

  • Bridging the Gap: Analysing Counterterrorism Policies, NGO Engagement, and Normative Implications in Illiberal Regimes, Anastassiya Mahon 


Registration will close two hours before the event begins.

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