Publishing and CTS - for PhDs/early-career researchers

This event will be in Zoom

After a successful annual conference last month, we are organising an online event expressly on the topic of publishing in academia, on the 4 November at 3.30pm GMT.

This session will be made available for 15 PhD students and early career researchers only, who are current CST Working Group members*. It will take the form of a café/open discussion, where we can bring our questions and share experiences of publishing, being rejected, hurdles we're facing, how (and why) to review, and anything else to do with engaging in the process of getting our research 'out there'. We can run ideas past each other, brainstorm for papers or projects, maybe find a co-author! Sign up and come with questions and ideas you have on the issue of publishing as a CTS scholar, and with your active participation we'll get down to a decent discussion.

If the session is over-booked, we will run another of these events for everyone who didn’t make the first 15. Also, if this is popular, we will run other sessions – on grants, postdocs, jobs, etc.

*If you aren’t already a member of BISA you can become a member here. If you are a member but have yet to join the CST working group, please log into your BISA account and scroll down to interests to find us

Hope to see you there!

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