REMINDER -Call for Papers – BISA Conference 14-16 June 2017

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Hello all!

We just wanted to issue a quick reminder about the approaching deadline for working group sponsored panels.

Next year’s BISA conference will run 14-16 June 2017, at the Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront in Brighton, UK.

Submissions for Ethics and World Politics WG panel and paper proposals need to be sent to us by midday on 5 September 2016.

You can send proposals to

The BISA conference next year will allow us to run 2 guaranteed panels as a WG, and we can submit up to 4 for consideration. This will be an important opportunity to continue building a strong research community in the area.

We welcome:

  • Themed panels (ideally with a chair/discussant, but we can help organise this; 4 papers with discussant or 5 without)
  • Papers for consideration on a WG panel Roundtables on a specific research issue (including methodology etc)
  • Panels on pedagogy
  • Discussion around public engagement
  • Innovative panels

Do get in touch if there are any questions!


Elke, James, Joe and Myriam