Foreign policy in times of conflict: Research without field work

This event will be in Zoom

This event debates the security concerns of universities and scientific research institutes, but more importantly the impact of security concerns on field work research. These act as a barrier that makes field work research impossible for researchers in areas considered ‘sensitive’. This event borrows the example of the Middle East and invites the BBC institution to share its policies vis-à-vis the management of its operations in conflict regions. On the academic side, the cases of Kurdistan and Egypt will be used to analyse the rationales of such difficulties along with the consequences from the lack of on-the-ground research that stimulates serious debates.


Tim Moffat (Head, High Risk News Safety Team, BBC) 

Dr Thomas Schmidinger (Lecturer in Political Science, Secretary general of the Austrian Association for Kurdish Studies  University of Vienna) 

Dr Andrea Teti (Associate Professor of International Relations, Senior Associate Editor of the journal Middle East Critique)  


Dr Marianna Charountaki (Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Lincoln) 

Registration will close two hours before the event begins.

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