Women in foreign policy research and beyond

This event will be in Zoom

The views and experiences of women in global politics have been traditionally neglected. This roundtable pursues two objectives. First, it seeks to address this gap by deconstructing how women engage in foreign policy research, broadly defined. Second, it aims to pluralise the perspective of theorisation in Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), seeking to lay out a multitude of approaches and views. Feminist critiques, such as standpoint feminist, liberal feminism, poststructuralist feminism or postcolonial perspectives provide new insights as basis for conceptualisation in global relations. Aiming to contribute to advancing these debates, the session will unpack the research of women scholars and how this generates new knowledge to FPA.


Chair: Dr Cornelia Baciu - Researcher, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

The event is organised by the BISA Foreign Policy Working Group and it will be recorded.

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