Second Annual Conference of the International Studies and Emerging Technologies Working Group

This event will be in Dublin, Ireland

Emerging technologies, such as cyber and artificial intelligence, have undeniably become a key factor in contemporary society and global affairs. Individuals, communities, groups, states, and international actors alike all face new challenges and opportunities deriving from these technological developments. So far, the study of these topics has been overwhelmingly the remit of the Computer Science and Engineering communities. Research in the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities (SSAH) has only recently started to engage more systematically in this area. The goal of this conference is to promote SSAH research on the impact of emerging technologies, like cyber and AI, on contemporary society and global affairs. In particular, this conference will offer a unique opportunity to SSAH researchers to come together, share their work and experiences, and develop a sense of community. Accordingly, the program will include a plenary session where opportunities for joint publications and funding applications will be discussed.

Participants who will become members of BISA, and of the ISET working group, before registering to the conference will be able to avail of the free-registration option.


The conference is jointly funded by the University College Dublin and by the British International Studies Association (BISA).

ISET (International Studies and Emerging Technologies) is a working group within BISA. ISET aims at being an inclusive and accessible forum for researchers and students interested in the various ways in which emerging technologies, like cyber and artificial intelligence, are affecting contemporary societies and global affairs.

Please note that the conference is only open to speakers/participants.

Closing date for registration is Friday 12 May at 11.55pm UK time.

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