Join the new International Studies and Emerging Technologies Working Group (ISET)

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This month sees the launch of our new International Studies and Emerging Technologies Working Group (ISET), which you can join now. The group will be led by conveners Eugenio Lilli (University College Dublin) and Niamh Healy (University College London).

The ISET working group is an inclusive and accessible forum for researchers and students interested in the various ways in which emerging technologies, like cyber and artificial intelligence, are affecting contemporary societies and global affairs.

ISET acknowledges and promotes the critical contribution that the social sciences can offer to the study of emerging technologies; hitherto overwhelmingly the remit of research in the computer science and engineering communities.

ISET also recognizes the poor gender and minority diversity of this particular area of research. Hence, ISET is committed to promoting all aspects of the BISA Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy throughout its activities and membership.

The working group plans to hold an annual conference, provide support and advice to students and early career researchers in the field, and is particularly interested in engaging with practitioners in both the private and public sectors.  

For further information contact Eugenio Lilli at

ISET are working on several launch plans including an academic symposium, website section and social media channels. Once you have joined the group you will be kept up to date via their mailing list.

All members of BISA are eligible to join this new working group as one of their three options (plus the Learning and Teaching Working Group and Postgraduate Network (if you hold a PG student or ECR membership)). To join the working group:

  1. Log in to your BISA account
  2. Scroll down to ‘Areas of interest’ and press ‘Edit’ (you may need to click 'View full details' when you first log in before you can see all the options)
  3. Tick International Studies and Emerging Technologies (ISET)
  4. Press ‘Save’.

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