Call for papers: Postgraduate Network Virtual Conference

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A group of PhD and early-career academics at the BISA ECR day 2023

The Postgraduate Network (BISA PGN) is excited to announce our upcoming conference titled 'Emerging Trends in Global Politics: Exploring the latest developments and future directions'. This online conference aims to be a pivotal platform for PhD students and early-career researchers from across the globe to showcase their innovative research, engage with pressing challenges in international studies, and explore avenues for professional growth.

Date and time: 8 May, 2024.

Location: online via Zoom.


Contributions are sought across three distinct but equally vital themes:

  1. Elections 2024 and Their Impact on Global Politics: This theme seeks presentations that offer comparative studies and theoretical analyses focused on the 2024 elections. Submissions should explore how these electoral outcomes have the potential to redefine international alliances, influence trade agreements, and impact global security frameworks. Presentations examining the broader socio-economic and environmental implications of these elections are also encouraged, aiming to provide insights into how electoral outcomes can reshape international policymaking.
  2. Armed Conflicts and the Shifting Dynamics of International Order: Under this theme, we invite analyses and case studies that delve into the role of armed conflicts in transforming global power structures and economic landscapes. Multidisciplinary approaches that offer a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical, economic, and humanitarian dimensions of armed conflicts are particularly encouraged.
  3. Climate Transition and Its Ripple Effects on International Relations: This theme calls for presentations that address the impact of the global shift towards sustainability and climate resilience on international relations. Contributions should cover the geopolitical, economic, and social challenges and opportunities presented by climate-induced migration, the adoption of green technologies, and the negotiation and implementation of international environmental agreements. Submissions should aim to illuminate the intricate ways in which environmental objectives intersect with political and economic interests in the realm of global governance.

Who Should Submit

We welcome abstracts from PhD students and early-career researchers engaged in topics related to our conference themes. This call extends to both BISA members and non-members, aiming to foster a diverse and dynamic discussion environment.

Presentation format

Participants will have the opportunity to present their research in 10-minute segments, followed by a Q&A session. Presentations will be grouped into thematic sessions, each chaired by a senior expert in the field.

Why participate?

Presenting at the PGN conference represents an invaluable opportunity to receive constructive feedback on your research, facilitating its refinement and development. Additionally, it serves as a bridge to connect with peers focused on similar topics, laying the groundwork for potential collaborations and expanding your academic network. Don't miss this opportunity to share your work with an engaged audience and build connections for future collaboration.

Submission guidelines

Your abstract should provide a concise overview of your research question, methodology, and potential impact on the field. Abstracts should align with one of the conference's themes and adhere to the following specifications:

Length: 250-300 words

Format: PDF or Word Document

Include: Title, author(s), affiliation(s), and contact information

Please send your abstracts to  

Important dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: 19 April 2024.

Notification of Acceptance: 28 April 2024.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and your participation at the conference.