About Post-Structural Politics (PPWG)

As researchers we want to interrogate how meaning is generated, scrutinise the consequences of this, and show how deeply problematic attempts at closure are. The areas of thinking, having evolved over the past decades, are around:

  • Analytical questions (focusing on discourse, relationality and difference, for example);
  • Politico-ethical questions (asking about limits and violence, representations and truth claims, amongst other questions);
  • Political activities or engaged questions (to do with resistance, gender, de-colonial thinking, acting and challenging, making, materiality and performativity, to name but a few);
  • Methodological questions (inspired by wanting to understand the production of knowledge, wanting to be able to hold tensions or wanting to destabilise certainties).

​Poststructuralism is a broad and diverse field of inquiry, with a common ethos of affirmative critique which we seek to foster, facilitate and promote. As a working group we are particularly interested in developing, supporting and disseminating research which engages freely and creatively with poststructural approaches, making them relevant to the pressing analytical, political, ethical and methodological challenges of our time.

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Christina Oelgemoller
Loughborough University
Patrick Pinkerton
Queen Mary University of London
Kodili Chukwuma 
University of East Anglia



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