New educational podcast - The History Hit Warfare Podcast

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The logo for the History Hit Warfare Podcast

We're pleased to announce that Dr James Rogers, Co-Convener of BISA War Studies, now presents the History Hit Warfare Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Acast).

This is a move that has come about through the BISA War Studies Working Group, and there is an episode featuring both James and fellow convener Dr Patrick Bury on Nazi Megastructures.

Over the past year, James has been working with TV historian Dan Snow and the History Hit team to produce over 160 new episodes on the history of war, peace, conflict and international relations that are free to access and ideal for use in teaching. From Napoleonic battles to Cold War confrontations, the Normandy landings to 9/11, this podcast opens up fascinating new perspectives on how wars have shaped and changed our modern world. Each episode features a world leading academic, veteran, or policy expert, bringing fascinating new perspectives in an easily accessible fashion. These include:

At a time when we slowly transition back to in person teaching, you are encouraged to use these podcasts to support your teaching and as a way for students to learn in a flexible manner. Students and staff can also follow along on Twitter @HistoryHitWW2.

If anyone would like to appear on the podcast, you are welcome to email