War Studies Working Group at #BISA2024

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The War Studies Working Group is thrilled to have another 13 events at this year's BISA annual conference. Find out more details below. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Wednesday 5 June

10:45am-12:15pm Panel - Adjusting to inter-state competition: How middle powers are carving out a defence role for themselves, Soprano, Hyatt

Convener: Aleix Nadal (King's College London, Freeman Air and Space Institute)

Chair: Andrew Dorman (Chatham House)

Understanding the evolution of the British military space posture since 2014

Author: Aleix Nadal (King's College London, Freeman Air and Space Institute)

Five Eyes collaboration in outer space

Author: Marissa Martin (King's College London, Defence Studies Department)

The modernisation of the French nuclear air-to-ground missile

Author: July Decarpentrie (Swedish Defence University)

European Defence-Industrial strategies in comparison: UK, Germany & France

Author: Linus Terhorst (Freeman Air and Space Institute)

The Lion and the Unicorn: British National Role Constructs in Defence Policy

Author: Michelle Howard (King's College London, Defence Studies Department)

12:15pm-1:15pm Conference Event – Lunchtime history talk from the War Studies Working Group – Birmingham: The War Years: Speakers: Brian Wright and Matt Felkin, Justham, Symphony Hall

1:15pm-2:45pm Panel – Knowledge production before and after the Troubles, Room 101, Library

Convener: Hannah West (Newcastle University)

Chair: Patrick Finnegan (University of Lincoln)

Institutional Glow Up? The Northern Ireland Office’s role, ethos and attitudes in making peace with the IRA during the Troubles.

Author: Eleanor Williams (Oxford University)

Is Brexit the end?: Relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 2017-2019.

Author: Jessica Geoffroy (Cardiff University)

The 50th anniversary of the Ulster Defence Regiment Greenfinches: Perspectives on memorialisation and criticality

Authors: Hannah West (Newcastle University) , Hannah Richards , Laura Patrick (Royal Irish Regiment)*

‘Tactical Use of Armed Struggle’: The IRA’s Purpose in Irish Republican Strategy, 1969 to 2005

Author: Thomas Leahy (Cardiff University)

Metagovernance: understanding the changing role of Anglo-Irish networks in the path leading to the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Author: Giada Lagana (Cardiff University)

3:00pm-4:30pm Panel – Non-State Actors and Civil Wars, Room 105, Library

Chair: Caroline Kennedy-Pipe (Loughborough University)

Colombia: a victim centred transitional justice approach, between local perception and wishful thinking

Author: Kerry-Luise Prior (King's College London)

The ‘Knowledge Rebel’ & Civil Wars Journal: An emerging research agenda

Author: Megghi Pengili (University of Leeds)

When Non-State Actors decide to play: what toys tell us about today’s wars

Author: Virginie Grzelczyk (Aston University)

Community Leaders as Identity Mediators in Ethnic Defection

Author: Yaniv Voller (University of Kent)

3:00pm-4:30pm Roundtable – Western approaches to security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, Exec 1, ICC

Chair: Christoph Meyer (King's College London)

Participants: Zeno Leoni (Defence Studies Department - King’s College London) , Mauro Bonavita (Department of War Studies - King’s College London) , Anna Tan (Lau China Institute - King’s College London) , Participant to be confirmed

Thursday 6 June

9:00am-10:30am Panel – Military Learning: Command, Leadership, and Failure, Room 102, Library

Chair: Afzal Ashraf

Military Learning Practices: Organisational Learning in the Portuguese Army

Authors: Tom Dyson (Royal Holloway College, University of London) , John Tull (Royal Holloway College)*

Assessing Warlords: Coalition Forces and Partner Selection in Afghanistan

Author: Stephen Grenier (Johns Hopkins University)

Silences: Command and Trauma in Modern Warfare

Authors: Martin Thorp , Caroline Kennedy-Pipe (Loughborough University)

Policy, Leadership, and Failure - The USA Experience

Author: Antulio J. Echevarria II (US Army War College)

10:45am-12:15pm Panel – Russia’s Offensive War Against Ukraine, Justham, Symphony Hall

Chair: Emil Archambault (University of Durham)

The Eyes Above: The evolving impact of Satellite Imagery on Accountability, Memory and Agency in War

Author: William Goodhind (Contested Ground)

Politics of childhood in the Russia-Ukraine war

Author: Maya Nguyen (SOAS, University of London)

Perspectives on war in international relations: exploring the relationship between war and change

Author: Troels Burchall Henningsen (Royal Danish Defence College)

OSINT as a Discourse of War

Author: Emil Archambault (University of Durham)

1:15pm-2:45pm Conference Event - War Studies Working Group Keynote by Ed Hall: Finding Rainbows in the UK’s Armed Forces: from sacking lesbians and gays to promoting LGBT soldiers, a journey in diversity and inclusion 

SPONSORED BY POLITY. Followed by film screening at 3pm, Justham, Symphony Hall

4:45pm-6:15pm Roundtable -  Precision: The American Way of War? - In conversation with Professor Mick Cox and Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe. THIS IS AN INVITE ONLY EVENT, Dolce, Hyatt

Chair: James Patton Rogers (Cornell University)

Participants: James Patton Rogers (Cornell University) , Caroline Kennedy-Pipe (Loughborough University) , Michael Cox (LSE)

Friday 7 June

9:00am-10:30am Panel – Great Powers, Rising Powers and Deterrence, Mary Sturge, The Exchange

Chair: James Patton Rogers (Cornell University)

India's Naval Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific - A strategic driver in a post-Western regional order

Author: Mauro Bonavita (King's College London)

The US-South Korea Alliance at a Crossroads: Seoul’s Defence Dilemma in the Age of Nuclear-armed North Korea

Author: Wooyun Jo (Loughborough University)

Far from Home: Explaining European Naval Deployments in the South and East China Seas

Author: Victoria Henley (Massachusettes Institute of Technology)

Offensive cyber operations and Iran's military strategy: a study

Author: Eugenio Lilli (University College Dublin)

10:45am-12:15pm Panel – Thinking the Future of War: Epistemology, Innovation, and Revolutions, Room 103, Library

Convener: Emil Archambault (University of Durham)

Chair: Emil Archambault (University of Durham)

Discussant: Tom Watts (Royal Holloway University)

Robot Wars

Author: Anthony King (University of Exeter)

Prophesying War : Giulio Douhet, Air Power, and World War I

Author: Emil Archambault (University of Durham)

Sacrament in/of War: Battlefield Miracles and Political Authority in the Afghan Jihad.

Author: Hammaad Mehraj Syed (South Asian University)

The changing possibilities for drone use and use in the wake of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Author: Bibi Imre-Millei (Lund University)

The Future of (Non)Remote Warfare Scholarship: Comparing US Visions of Great Power War in the Indo-Pacific

Author: Tom Watts (Royal Holloway University)

1:15pm-2:45pm Panel – Professional Military Education in the United Kingdom, Benjamin Zephaniah, The Exchange

Convener: Patrick Finnegan (University of Lincoln)

Chair: Patrick Finnegan (University of Lincoln)

Discussant: Patrick Finnegan (University of Lincoln)

The development and implementation of a modern teaching and learning strategy for effective delivery of international studies at Britannia Royal Naval College

Author: Chris Lavers (Britannia Royal Naval College)

Modernising Naval Professional Military Education...again? The second Fisher/Selborne project

Authors: Patrick Finnegan (University of Lincoln, University of St Andrews)* , Jane Harrold (Britannia Royal Naval College)

Digital Skills and Professional Military Education in the Royal Air Force

Author: Harry Richards (University of Portsmouth)

4:45pm-6:15pm Panel – New Technologies and Future, Room 105, Library

Chair: James Patton Rogers (Cornell University)

Banalizing extraordinariness: how the defence and security sector pursues legitimacy

Author: Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes (University of Oxford)

Imagining a low-carbon warfare theory of victory

Authors: Tamiris Santos (Loughborough University) , Duncan Depledge (Loughborough University)

AI, Data, War: The Rise of the Military Tech Complex

Author: Tony King (University of Exeter)

Intelligence Analysis, Emotions, and the Future with AI

Author: Ronan Mainprize (University of Warwick)

The Second Drone Age: Defining War in the 2020s

Author: James Patton Rogers (Cornell University)