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Best of the week - 21 May 2021

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Each week BISA Director, Juliet Dryden, scours the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here she brings you this week's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world.

Global issues and ideas

Getting ready for COP26

  • Podcast: Building a trustworthy market for carbon offsets. How do we build a market for carbon offsets that is both trustworthy and effective? Part 1 and Part 2 from Exponential View.

Middle East

A Jewish case for Palestinian refugee return. Peter Beinart in the Guardian

All we need is some more courage from the world. Omar Bargouti in the Nation

A Palestinian reckoning. Time for a new beginning. Hussein Agha and Ahmad Samih Khalidi in Foreign Affairs

In the firing line: The Arabs – or the Palestinians – of Israel. An interview  with H A Hellyer

No matter how powerful Israeli’s military becomes it still can’t win. Paul Rogers in The Conversation

Joe Biden’s unwavering support for Israel’s Gaza onslaught could come back to haunt him. Don McIntyre for Prospect Magazine

Israel-Palestine conflict. The role of Hamas and Fatah rivalry in the latest violence. Julie M. Norman in The Conversation

No one is coming to help the Palestinians. The competition for influence between Iran and Saudi Arabia has for decades affected the prospects for peace. Kim Ghattas in the Atlantic

Israel, Gaza and the pursuit of the victory image. Yoav Galani in The Conversation

Middle Eastern monarchies. How do Arab ruling families hold on to power? David B Roberts in The Conversation

Podcast: How Britain Supports Israel’s War on Palestine. In March this year the UK’s new military strategy declared that Israel remains a ‘key strategic partner’. But what does that mean, and where does it sit in relation to Israel and its war on Palestine? Listen to Novara Media.

Conflict in the rest of the world

As a second wave devastates India, Narendra Modi vanishes. Read more in the Economist

How Modi has prioritised politics over public health. Navtej K Purewel in The Conversation

King Mohammed of Morocco weaponises migration. The Economist

Columbian protests: Poverty and the pandemic collide with conflict and migration. Genevieve Glatsky in the New Humanitarian

Podcast: What’s driving Sudan and Ethiopia apart? Deteriorating relations, the risk of a regional crisis and EU policy in the Horn of Africa. Listen to the Horn Podcast from International Crisis Group.

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