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Call for papers - European Journal of International Security

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The submission process to the annual BISA conference (taking place face-to-face in Newcastle, June 15 to 17 2022) is now open.

The European Journal of International Security (EJIS) is looking for paper proposals from early-career/postgraduate research colleagues who are preparing to submit their work to a journal.

Members of the EJIS editorial team will convene the panel(s), and they will act as panel chair and discussant during the conference. In addition a member of the EJIS team will offer ‘mentor’ support to paper authors outside of the panel, providing feedback on how editors may read the paper before and after they send it to reviewers. There is no obligation to submit your paper to EJIS, but we ask that paper proposals fit the remit of the journal. Please send paper proposals by Thursday 4 November to Jason Ralph, Co-Editor EJIS at  j.g.ralph@leeds.ac.uk