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Take Five - 1 March 2024

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In our fortnightly feature, Director/CEO Juliet Dryden and Communications Intern Dominic Hart bring you their top five IR-related podcasts and readings from the past two weeks. 'Take five' to explore our best of the best.

This fortnight we 'Take Five' on the political economy of Russia's war in Ukraine and the prospect of European involvement in the conflict:

  1. Europeans' Last Ditch Clutch At Ukrainian Victory by Anatol Lieven and George Beebe for Responsible Statecraft
  2. Russia’s economy is now completely driven by the war in Ukraine – it cannot afford to lose, but nor can it afford to win by Renaud Foucart for The Conversation
  3. (Podcast) Russia’s Long War Against Ukraine by Dr Neil Melvin for RUSI
  4. Conservatism by decree: Putin as a figurehead for the global far-right by Ksenia Luchenko for the European Council on Foreign Relations
  5. Russia’s influence in Kazakhstan is increasing despite the war in Ukraine by Kate Mallinson for Chatham House