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Take Five - 12 April 2024

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In our fortnightly feature, Director/CEO Juliet Dryden and Communications Intern Dominic Hart bring you their top five IR-related podcasts and readings from the past two weeks. 'Take five' to explore our best of the best.

This fortnight we 'Take Five' on the implications of Turkey's local elections and rising tensions in Iran:

  1. Democracy is at risk in Guatemala, but there is still hope by Sanne Weber and Marlies Stappers for OpenDemocracy
  2. How have China and Russia beefed up their relationship after Ukraine war wobble? Expert Q&A with Natasha Kuhrt for The Conversation
  3. Independent Thinking: Has Turkey turned against Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan? From Chatham House
  4. Xi and Biden spoke on the phone for 105 minutes: what does this say about their relationship? By Stefan Wolff for The Conversation
  5. Hezbollah leader ups ante after attack on Iranian consulate  by Ali Rizk for Responsible Statecraft