Five Stars

Take Five - 3 November 2023

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In our new fortnightly feature, Director/CEO Juliet Dryden and Communications Intern Dominic Hart bring you their top five IR-related readings or podcasts from the past two weeks. 'Take five' to explore our best of the best.

This fortnight we 'Take five' on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  1. I run the UN agency in Gaza. History will judge us all if there is no ceasefire in Gaza. Philippe Lazzarrini for The Guardian.
  2. Israel-Hamas war: will the US and Iran be drawn into a broader conflict? It’s Tehran’s move. Scott Lucas for The Conversation.
  3. (Podcast) The Daily: Israel’s invasion begins. Listen to Raja Abdulrahim, Middle East correspondent for The New York Times based in Jerusalem and Patrick Kingsley, the Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times.
  4. Netanyahu is unlikely to listen to the West’s growing unease. Paul Rogers for openDemocracy.
  5. (Podcast) Israel vs Iran: The Deadliest Foes. An exploration of the long and fraught history of Iranian-Israeli relations. How Israel vs Iran has become the most dangerous prospect in the Middle-East. Listen to These Times with Tom McTague and Helen Thompson.