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An update from the European Journal of International Security

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Halfway through its first year as a quarterly journal, the European Journal of International Security (EJIS) editorial team is pleased to announce that our growth towards our goals of inclusivity, impact, and accessible scholarship has been consistent.

Our latest issue, 6(2),  featured three out of six open access articles, dealing with the role of women in international military forces (Newby and Sebag), the presence of private agents in sanctioning in the Netherlands (Giumelli and Onderco), and the role of surveillance in legitimacy narratives (Smith Ochoa, Gadinger, and Yildiz).

Our upcoming issue, 6(3), will platform our most diverse collection of authors yet. Thanks to the work of our editorial team, and in particular Jacqui True (Monash) we have continued to increase the gender diversity of our submitting authors, aiming to make the field more inclusive. The issue will feature an open access article by Kuteleva and Clifford on Trump’s and Putin’s gendered approach to securitisation during the COVID-19 crisis, reflecting on current and ongoing concerns. The Von Furstenberg, Lemon and Heathershaw open access piece on the securitisation of political exiles also speaks to this. Further there are open access reflections on the change of narrative by ‘peaceful’ nations entering the Afghan war (Sjöstedt and Noreen); and an open access historical securitisation case study, with Schlesinger and Levy examining the role of Britain in the 1863-4 Schleswig-Holstein crisis.

The editors look forward to the chance of continuing to build on this to widen our platform to include more authors from the Global South, as we continue to build EJIS as an accessible and supportive journal in the field.