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New issue

In August 2022, the editorial team at the European Journal of International Security (EJIS) is pleased to share EJIS Volume 7 issue 3. This issue features a special section on nuclear issues. In their article, Clements and Thomson examine attitudes to foreign policy, partisanship and the gender gap in British public opinion towards nuclear weapons whilst Johnson considers the risk of inadvertent escalation in the age of intelligence machines. In their article ‘Casting the atomic canon’, Egeland, Fraise and Taha navigate an exploration of the assumptions of nuclear security studies as they have been laid out in the four editions of ‘The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy’. In response, Freedman and Michaels discuss the critique of their book whilst taking the opportunity to consider how to approach the past of nuclear strategy to allow for better appreciation of the present and the future. Also in this issue, Hoijtink discusses how the concept of ‘prototype warfare’ captures the emergence of a new regime of warfare and outlines the way this reconfigures military intervention. In ‘The enduring problem of ‘grey’ drone violence’,  Enemark addresses the problem of ‘hard to categorise’ drone violence whilst in their article, Page and Williams consider the use of drones in Afghanistan. 

Special issue call

The EJIS editorial team is currently accepting proposals for a special issue for 2023/24. Within the security studies field, we are open in terms of the subject, conceptual boundaries, and methodological approach of special issue proposals, with an overall emphasis upon theoretical and empirical rigour and originality. We are explicitly committed to an inclusive, global agenda which contributors should consider. The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2022. Click here to learn more about what should be included in proposals. 

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