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The second video from Professor Ilan Zvi Baron's (Durham University) BISA-sponsored learning and teaching project is now live. 

In today's video Professor Baron talks with Dr Andy Paras of the University of Guelph. They discuss the process of coming up with research questions, the importance of the question mattering to you personally, and 'intercultural competence'. 

Dr Paras's research makes contributions to three main areas:

1) the history and politics of international humanitarianism;

2) religion, development, and humanitarianism; and

3) intercultural studies and international education.

In all of these areas, the main objective of her research is to understand how different actors derive their legitimacy through languages of morality. She teaches courses on world politics, human rights, religion and politics, and the politics of humanitarianism and development. She also leads the India Field School program, an intensive course on the ethics of international voluntourism that takes place in Guelph and Dharamsala, India.

The vlog series addresses basic skills and explores current issues such as decolonising the curriculum. Each of the videos will be uploaded to YouTube on Ilan’s Everyday Professor channel and are primarily aimed at first-year students.

You can watch the previous video too.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash