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Take Five - 15 December 2023

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In our new fortnightly feature, Director/CEO Juliet Dryden and Communications Intern Dominic Hart bring you their top five IR-related readings or podcasts from the past two weeks. 'Take five' to explore our best of the best.

This fortnight we 'Take Five' on the future of the war in Ukraine and the threatened annexation of Guyana's Essequibo province:

  1. (Podcast) Ukraine's Dark Winter Ahead - by These Times (Helen Thompson and Tom McTague)
  2. To phase out or phase down? Why the debate on fossil fuels misses key point - by Daniel Quiggin for Chatham House
  3. Why Venezuela is threatening to annex Guyana’s oil-rich province of Essequibo - by Klaus Dodds
  4. Hamas’s Goal in Gaza: The Strategy That Led to the War—and What It Means for the Future - by Leila Seurat for Foreign Affairs
  5. A Way Out for Gaza  - by International Crisis Group