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Take Five - 5 January 2024

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In our new fortnightly feature, Director/CEO Juliet Dryden and Communications Intern Dominic Hart bring you their top five IR-related readings or podcasts from the past two weeks. 'Take five' to explore our best of the best.

This fortnight we 'Take Five' on the future of the war in Ukraine and the recent elections in the DRC:

  1. Israel’s latest weapon against Palestine is Egypt’s debt by Alfons Perez and Nicola Scherer for OpenDemocracy
  2. Ukraine Facing Increasingly Unfavourable Odds by Anatol Lieven for Responsible Statecraft 
  3. The War in Ukraine Is Not a Stalemate by Jack Watling for Foreign Affairs
  4. Africa Cup of Nations showcases the continent’s finest footballers – and China’s economic clout by Simon Chadwick and Chris Toronyi for The Conversation
  5. The DRC’s election was a halting step towards embedding democracy by Ben Sheperd for Chatham House