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Updated joint BISA/PSA call for nominations to REF 2021 sub-panel 19 - Politics and International Studies

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In February 2021, we issued a joint call for nominations with the Political Studies Association (PSA) to REF sub-panel 19, Politics and International Studies. The process of nominations closed in April but has now been re-opened owing to a change in the timeline for the REF exercise brought about by COVID-19.

We are thus now inviting further nominations. Those who applied in the previous round need not re-apply. If you are interested in serving as a sub-panel member, please send a one-page letter of application and a one page CV to either the Chair of PSA or BISA via the email addresses below. These materials should be accompanied by a short letter of support from your Head of Department or School, indicating a willingness to provide the necessary time allocation to undertake the duties of sub-panel membership.

Applications are particularly welcome from Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues and from women.

The deadline for applications is noon on Wednesday 19 August.

Two types of nomination are under consideration. The first is for full sub-panel members. Required areas of expertise are outlined on the REF website. Specifically, the REF sub-panel has openings for practising researchers in the fields of International Relations (with substantive expertise in foreign policy and security studies) and Political Theory (especially analytical post-Rawlsian theory). In both instances, applications across a broad methodological range are welcome (covering qualitative, quantitative and formal methods as well as non-ideal and ideal theory). Nominations from other areas of Political Science and International Studies will also be considered.

Nominations for Impact Assessors are also sought. Here, expertise in the following areas is required:

  • security and foreign policy
  • international development
  • gender
  • UK public policy (including constitutional issues)
  • international politics (including the EU)
  • elections and parties

Applications will be considered by the trustees of BISA and the PSA overseen by a joint working group of both associations. This group will produce a nominations list to be sent to the funding councils that make the final decision on sub-panel membership. These nominations will be considered alongside those made by BISA/PSA in April 2020.

Please send applications to either of the following:

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