About International Politics of Migration, Refugees and Diaspora

The working group seeks to understand large-scale refugee population movements, and how such movements speak to issues of human and minority rights, challenges to statehood, and diffusion of ideas across borders. In this, the group welcomes the perspectives of refugees themselves, states, the European Union, UN, and international organisations. We also seek to integrate studies on citizenship and its transnational dimensions, especially regarding dual and multiple citizenship, which underpin the politics of states towards migrants, as well as the transnational activism of migrants, refugees and diasporas as non-state actors. These discussions will engage existing scholarship on migrant integration, assimilation, and securitisation, as well as on transnational aspects of migration, such as building of transnational projects and spaces.

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Foteini Kalantzi
University of Oxford
Christian Kaunert
University of South Wales



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