About Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society

The Group is a forum for collaboration and networking among scholars and practitioners whose research interests relate to the political role of NGOs and civil society in international relations (IR). We are keen to explore questions focusing on what role NGOs and civil society actors play in global politics, and to what extent these organisational forms are feasible for promoting and advancing the concept of democracy globally. This includes exploring NGOs’ role in domestic and transnational civil society; their involvement in processes of global governance; their effect on international policy negotiations; and questions relating to their legitimacy and accountability.

We aim to promote the study of NGOs and civil society as an important sub-field of IR where the implications and interconnections between these research issues can be discussed. It is hoped that these activities will help build a strong research community around NGO and civil society research in IR.


Angela Crack
University of Portsmouth
Erla Thrandardottir
University of Manchester



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