2020 IPMRD Best Article Award

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The International Politics of Migration, Refugees and Diaspora Working Group (IPMRD) is delighted to announce that nominations for the second Annual Best Article Award are now open.

One prize will be awarded for the best article published at the intersection of international politics and migration studies, broadly understood, for an article published in an academic journal in 2019. The award recognises an article that excels in originality, significance, and rigour in the broadly defined field of international politics of migration.

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Recipients must be BISA members at the time of submitting the article for consideration by the award committee.
  2. Articles eligible for the award must fall within the broadly defined category of international politics of migration.
  3. Eligible articles can be either single-authored or multi-authored.
  4. Nominations: authors can self-nominate. To be considered for the 2020 prize, articles must have been published within the 2019 calendar year.

Selection Process

  • Articles submitted will be judged by the award committee (listed below)
  • Articles will be judged on their rigour, originality, and significance to the field
  • The recipient will be announced at a BISA online panel meeting held in November 2020.

Application Process

  • If you have published an article that falls within the time frame and the relevant subject matter category, and would like it considered for the prize, please send a copy of the article to each member of the award committee, indicated below, by 30 September 2020.
  • Please include a brief statement (300 words maximum) explaining how the article relates to the field of international politics of migration, broadly understood, and indicate how it provides a scholarly contribution in a rigorous and significant fashion.
  • Articles must have been published electronically or in print by 31 December 2019; a DOI number is necessary to be considered for the prize.

Committee Members