Governing subjectivities, and the performativity of governance: A PPWG virtual event

This event will be in Zoom

In the second event in our virtual series, the Poststructural Politics Working Group presents two panels, each providing novel approaches to central questions of governance, identity and difference.

Panel One: 13.30-15.00

Mobilities, Subjectivities, and Technologies

Chair: Patrick Hughes (Queen’s University Belfast)

Participants: Matt Davies (Newcastle University) and Delacey Tedesco (University of Exeter); Maja Zehfuss (University of Manchester); Harriet Cansino (Newcastle University)

The first panel brings together papers engaging with the creation of infrastructures and regimes of governance, and with the experiences of those produced as the mobile or aesthetic subjects of these forms of power. In engaging these themes, the participants will draw on insights from science fiction novelists, theoretical reflections on space and time, and colonial geopolitical imaginaries.

Break: 15.00-15.30 

Panel Two: 15.30-17.00

Identity, Performativity and Representation

Chair: Christina Oelgemoller (Loughborough University)

Participants: Daniel Mobley (University of Edinburgh); Theo Aiolfi (University of Warwick); Daniel Pedersoli (The Institute of International Relations, Rio de Janeiro)

The second panel brings together papers grappling with questions of identity and difference in international politics. The participants will share their insights into the work of Jacques Derrida and theories of performativity, as well as engaging with cases ranging from US foreign policy during the Vietnam war to the Catalan independence movement.

If you are unable to attend both panels you are more than welcome to join us for just one. Registration will close two hours before the event start time.

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