Introducing the Post-Structural Politics Working Group conveners

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Current PPWG Co-Convenors:

Christina Oelgemoller

Christina joined Loughborough University in September 2013 as Lecturer in International Relations. Her research interests are situated between IR and Critical Geography. Current research projects focus on international migration, asking questions about normative violence, missing persons and statecraft.

Patrick Pinkerton

Patrick is a Lecturer in International Relations at Queen Mary University of London. One strand of his research utilises the philosophy of Jacques Derrida to analyse the post-conflict situations in Northern Ireland and Bosnia-Herzegovina, in order to put forward a deconstructive approach to peacebuilding. The second strand employs a biopolitical lens, developed from readings of Foucault and Agamben, to analyse migration and refugee governance, specifically through the inter-related concepts of ‘governing through potential’ and ‘governing through mobility’. Follow him on Twitter.

Current Phd Convenor:

Patrick Hughes

Patrick is a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast. His doctoral project, which has the working title of “Brexit: The fantasy of the frictionless border”, draws on a postcolonial/queer perspective, which he has already made use of in his prior research examining illegal queer migration into South Africa. Patrick also has a developing interest in mess and material semiotics. Follow him on Twitter.