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Gender, feminism and IR - a virtual issue from RIS

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As Women’s History Month comes to a close, our journal Review of International Studies (RIS) is pleased to announce a new resource to showcase the evolving conversations and contributions made to gender and feminist analysis published in the journal.

RIS has been at the forefront of conversations about incorporating gender and feminist analysis in the study of International Relations. Their new virtual collection highlights a selection of the cutting edge work that has appeared in RIS over the course of the last twenty-five years. These interventions showcase the work of emerging and established scholars, all of whom have pushed the boundaries of who and what counts in, and as, global politics. As these pieces demonstrate, gender and feminist analysis has been central in recasting questions of power, structure and agency in the study of world politics more broadly.

The virtual issue includes work from academics such as Kimberly Hutchings, Laura J Shepherd and David Duriesmith. You can find a link to a video summary of Duriesmith's article with Sara Meger on Returning to the root: Radical feminist thought and feminist theories of International Relations at the bottom of this page.

In addition, the release of this new virtual issue coincides with the International Studies Association's annual conference. We hope it will be useful and of interest to attendees. BISA has two panels at #ISA2021, as well as representation from our journals at their 'Meet the editors' session.

The whole collection is open access until the end of July 2021 thanks to Cambridge University Press.