Locating the transatlantic in twentieth century politics, diplomacy and culture: A symposium to launch a book in honour of Prof Alan Dobson

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Locating the transatlantic in twentieth century politics, diplomacy and culture

This event, taking place on Wednesday 28 February 2024, 1pm-5pm UK time (online, via Zoom) is intended as the first of a recurring annual online Winter symposium hosted by the Transatlantic Studies Association. The intention is to facilitate the sharing of research, based around a particular project or theme, of interest to TSA members in an accessible format that compliments the annual in-person conference, held in July.

It is wholly fitting that the first of these online symposia should be based on a book celebrating the life and work of the TSA’s founding Chair, Alan Dobson. In order to make this event as accessible to as wide an audience as possible, there is no requirement for participants to be members of the Association. Going forward, it is anticipated that TSA membership will be a requirement of attending online symposia. For those who are not currently members of the TSA, we would, of course, strongly encourage you to join so you can gain full benefits (including access to the Journal of Transatlantic Studies) of membership. There is also the option to donate to the TSA to support our work.

To register for the first TSA Winter Symposium, please email Professor Gaynor Johnson ( no later than Friday 23 February 2024. You will be sent a Zoom link to join the meeting.


Introductions: (1pm-1.15pm)

Welcome: Dr Thomas Mills, TSA President

The origins of the book: Prof Gaynor Johnson

Panel 1. (1.15pm-2.25pm)

Professor Priscilla Roberts.  'The British Royal Air Force: Operations over Laos against the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 1962', (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Professor David Woolner. 'The other Royal Dimension to the Transatlantic relationship: FDR and the Dutch and Norwegian Royal Families during the Second World War', (Marist College, USA)

Professor David Ryan. 'Reagan's Incoherence: Nicaragua in the Reagan Doctrine and the End of the Cold War', (University College Cork, Ireland)

Dr Steve Marsh, 'The Anglo-American special relationship: Past, Present, Future, ', (Cardiff University, UK)

Panel 2.  (2.30pm-3.40pm)

Professor David Haglund. The Political Scientist as Historian: Reflections on the Link between Culture, “Status Anxiety” and the American Decision for War, April 1917', (Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Professor Andrew Williams 'Re-establishing the Honour of France in the Air: Francophone Aviator Literary Figures During the Second World War', (University of St Andrews, UK)

Dr Tony McCulloch. 'Roca-Runciman Revisited: Anglo-American relations and Argentina during the 'Infamous Decade', 1933-1943', (University College London, UK)

Professor David Mayers.  'Quixotic Calling: Robert and Marion Merriman in the Spanish Civil War1', (Boston University, USA)

Panel 3. (3.45pm-4.55pm).

Professor Christopher Jespersen. 'North Georgia, the American South, and Transatlantic Culture and History', (University of North Georgia, USA).

Professor David Clinton. 'John Bassett Moore and the Modest Virtues of International Law’. (Baylor University, USA)

Professor Jeffrey Engel. 'Personalities and Power within the Special Relationship at the Cold War's End', (Southern Methodist University, USA)

Professor Alison Holmes.  'UK-US Relations: Can Subnational Diplomacy Save the “Special Relationship”?', (Humboldt University, USA)

Closing remarks by Gaynor Johnson