About Political Violence, Conflict and Transnational Activism

The Political Violence, Conflict and Transnational Activism Working Group aims to:

  • Integrate scholars working in the fields of terrorism studies, civil war studies, political sociology, international relations, and other associated fields
  • Identify new methodological and theoretical approaches and research domains
  • Provide early-career development workshops, where PGRs/ECRs can share best practice - for example in conducting fieldwork in high-risk environments - and learn from experienced colleagues
  • Encourage dissemination of members’ research within and beyond BISA.

We are committed to equal practices within the working group. As such we have enshrined as a founding principle, that leadership of the working group will always be gender balanced and a mix of one established academic and one PGR/ECR.


Annamaria Kiss
King's College London
Cerwyn Moore
University of Birmingham
Chi Zhang
University of St Andrews



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