Call for papers from HRHRP Working Group - 2024 BISA Conference

To reflect the recent name change of the working group to Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and the Responsibility to Protect, and to reflect the theme of this year’s conference, Whose international studies? we call for proposals that address the question Whose Human Rights? The study of human rights and associated issues had expanded exponentially in recent years. Yet, there is sometimes less reflection on why. Why do we study human rights? Who benefits from this research? Is this research useful and accessible beyond academia, including for policymakers and those who are the objects of study? Is our research limited by narrow theoretical approaches or power structures in academia and beyond? How do we bridge the worlds of academia and political commitment? How can we shift the frequent north-south gaze to something more introspective and intersectional? Can humanitarianism result in the opposite of the intended effect? When talking about protecting human life, do we need a broadened understanding of with whom responsibility lies?


We welcome submissions addressing these questions, as well as others related to the broad interests of the section in human rights, humanitarianism, and responsibility to protect. Given current events, we would particularly welcome submissions addressing the human rights aspects of the war in Gaza. We welcome proposals which are diverse and adventurous in perspective and approach. Panel and roundtable proposals should reflect diversity in, among other things, gender, ethnicity, career stage, methodological approach, institution, and geographical location.


More information can be found here:


Submission are due by 21 November 2023.

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